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Our organization is comprised of an integrated team collaborating together to generate the best designs. Our experience combined with our talents and creativity contributes to the development of unique luxury homes

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Ignacio Rodriguez | AIA
CEO & Principal

Ignacio Rodriguez, AIA is a visionary architect who, at the age of 31, has designed over 500,000 square feet of luxury Real Estate throughout Southern California. Growing up in Southern California, Ignacio developed a deep appreciation and understanding for what designing in Los Angeles can be.

He received a full scholarship to study architecture at Woodbury University in Burbank. While at Woodbury, Ignacio received the prestigious Degree Project of the Year Award. Upon graduating he developed his own distinct style as an architect and knew his goal was to start his own architecture firm. Ignacio realized that dream and at the age of 28 in 2012 started IR Architects where he has quickly become a formidable force in the competitive world of Los Angeles Architecture. Since their inception, IR Architects has expanded rampantly currently averaging 30 projects per year. Ignacio has designed a slate of high-end, luxury homes ranging from 5000 square contemporary new-builds to 70,000 square foot estates. Ignacio projects consistently garner an impressive $2,000 + per square foot catapulting him to rarified air amongst those in his field.


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