IR Architect's Resolutions

We are into the second week of the year now, and as the "New Year,New Me" is starting to tune down we would like to share with you our firms New Year resolutions. Just as our staff has their personal resolutions we are also excited to bring our professional resolutions into play this year. We believe that it is important for a firm to share their resolutions and view them as goals, to be able to reflect throughout the year if our actions are leading us to reach them. 

A look at 2015

As 2015 comes to a close many of us sit and wonder, what now? Just as most of us sit and wonder, where did the year go? Those are two very reasonable questions to ask. With that being said the best answer to the questions would be another question. What did you do in 2015? This is the best question to ask because it allows you to look back not only at your accomplishments, but also at your missteps.

A New Perspective

With the end of the year coming near and our firm quickly growing we have decided to undergo a complete Re-Branding process here at Ignacio Rodriguez Architects. We have been growing our team in the past few months and are developing some amazing designs that we hope to share with you all soon. Our mission here at IR Architects is to build cutting edge architecture that addresses the client's needs.  I have decided to create this blog to keep the public updated with what we are up to here at IR Architects, but most importantly to spread my knowledge based on successful as well as unsuccessful experiences and obstacles we are facing in the residential design field. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the design community, and the Los Angeles Community to send over questions that they might have in regards to residential design, designing in Los Angeles, what makes a great home, etc.  

Keep the designing spirit alive. 

Happy Holidays,