A look at 2015

As 2015 comes to a close many of us sit and wonder, what now? Just as most of us sit and wonder, where did the year go? Those are two very reasonable questions to ask. With that being said the best answer to the questions would be another question. What did you do in 2015? This is the best question to ask because it allows you to look back not only at your accomplishments, but also at your missteps. Here at IR Architects this past year was a year for the books. Our biggest move of 2015 was finalizing our migration into our new office. Within the span of 7 months our office grew from a staff of 3 to a growing staff of 10. We started our re-branding campaign, and shifted over to a completely new company name and logo. All of these changes have been happening very rapidly and we keep asking ourselves, where did 2015 go? 

Our staff of talented individuals now includes two licensed architects that are a great motivation to our younger staff that are on route to their license. We are closing out a great year, and are moving on to an even better year. We have new projects for 2016 that we are eager and ready to take on and are very proud of the projects we finished off in 2015. This firm that we have built is moving into new things, beginning to revolutionize the residential design field, and we can not wait to show you where our potential can take us! 

Have a Happy New year, and make sure to reflect on your accomplishments and your missteps, learn from the good and the bad that 2015 has put you through! 


Keep the Designing spirit strong!