IR Architect's Resolutions

We are into the second week of the year now, and as the "New Year,New Me" is starting to tune down we would like to share with you our firms New Year resolutions. Just as our staff has their personal resolutions we are also excited to bring our professional resolutions into play this year. We believe that it is important for a firm to share their resolutions and view them as goals, to be able to reflect throughout the year if our actions are leading us to reach them. 
With the new year we are currently facing a new obstacle. Thus, comes our most important resolution that is beginning to dictate our firms current functionalities , "Beat the hillside ordinance change" -Ignacio, Principal.  This goal is crucial for the next few months here at IR Architects. Our next resolution will certainly be a factor that we hope will change our process in order to meet the time crunch that the ordinance change is presenting. 

"Fully integrate the use of Revit into our workflow, along with coordinated specifications and integration of the latest revisions of the California Building Code (coming July of 2016) as applicable. -Charles. This resolution comes from our newest Project Architect that is working hard to coordinate and fully train our staff to use the tools we posses to their highest capabilities. Along with this resolution comes one from our Project Manager, who hopes to, "help develop a streamlined vertical design build practice with IR Architects."  -Emiliano.

With the projects that we are currently signing on, this resolution from our Job Captain will certainly help make IR Architects the experts on Hillside design in Los Angeles."To understand the baseline hillside ordinance to its full extent by the end of next year." -Jannette. A real struggle that comes with designing on hillside is that at times we can be thrown obstacles that we are not fully aware of, fully comprehending the ordinance will surely be a way to avoid those obstacles. Our next resolution comes from one of designers, "Acquire a comprehensive consciousness of the Los Angeles city code and further the envelope of architecture with in the residential realm" -Rick. Having more individuals in the firm who are knowledgeable in regards to the Los Angeles code will be a great benefit in knowing our limitations and restrictions from the beginning of the design process.

Now, knowing that we have these goals it is also important for us to realize that although the ordinance is going to be the first obstacle we must tackle we must also keep in mind other projects that are on our table. Our Project Manager, Mayra's resolution to, "become more integrated within the firm's projects and be able to be more of an asset for the job captains to meet deadlines and goals more easily," shall be what keeps us happy with our current clients. Clients like to see progress, thus putting them on hold to face the ordinance change is not an option. 

On the other side of our companies spectrum comes a resolution from our CFO, Lauren hopes to lead our firm to, "work on our project management skills and improve our business development creativity." She will be a critical leader for the new marketing movement, which leads us to our next resolutions. Our designer Viviana has currently become part of the marketing team, her resolution for this year is, "to help IR Architects find their place on the map and begin to receive more visibility. I also hope to pass on my knowledge as well as receive and critically use any feedback and advice that the team passes on." The marketing resolutions are currently in play, with help from our Project Coordinator the reality of putting IR Architects on the map will certainly come with ease. Our final resolutions is, "Explore the fields of marketing and public relations within the firm and develop skills that would be beneficial and valuable in those areas of the business."  -Sarah.

We hope to look back at these resolutions throughout the year and be able to evaluate our standings, and how in line we are to our resolutions. The Hillside Ordinance change is our current issue at hand, but the resolutions that we have come up with will help us prosper through it. IR Architect's hopes that your resolutions are still intact. We hope you will join us in taking a moment from every month to take a step back and remind ourselves about our resolutions. It is easy to drift away from a goal, but with support from your teammates and colleagues it can also be more easily reached.

Keep the Designing spirit strong!